A New Book of Fairytales?

by Jenny Fillger, September 9, 4481 ASF
Rosenrot as the SIlver Wolf refueling during the 5th IW. Sometime August 4453 ASFRosenrot when she was the Silver Wolf refueling during the 5th IW. Sometime August 4453 ASF

Pelegos Free Station – Today a new set of fairytales are being written in the Pelagos System. These new stories seemed to be centered around a dynamic group of characters, and a living ship. Their meeting appeared as if to start on a great quest, or maybe a fool’s folly.

Are they searching for the holy grail, or Jimmy Hoffa? We still haven’t found out. However, we do know the stories will involve some colorful characters, and after some very trouble filled research, these seem to be our new players..

  • A secretive, yet alluring xeno-archealogist Damien Freeman. His rise from his low rung armed freighter family, to a short career in the military, somehow not participating much in the war to a superstar in the xeon-archeology world.
  • A bestial beastman mechanic, warp traveler and ex-warbander named Will. In an unusual turn of fate, he has the ability to work as a mechanic, and not just a normal mechanic but a living ship mechanic, who is also the caretaker of a young, abandoned human child.
  • A disowned psyker female, hunted by corporations, and working for the underworld using her witch like abilities to distract and disarm. Alanna is known far and wide for her criminal use of illusions.
  • Vanth is an anachronism, from a primitive technology world, he is an unknown outsider here in the core. It still remains to be seen what he is here for. What could the Heavy-G worlder want here.
  • Iliana is her own mystery. The green eyes of a Mishar under a disheveled hair cut leaves her looking like a lost girl, not ready to be far from how. However, the cats are known to be brutal warriors. What could the group need with her. Are they hunting the warp?
  • Captain Fischer, a captain from the Imperial Alemannia Navy. The second in command to the infamous Hans Mueller has done no favors for this old captain. He is wanted on many planets for being part of the crew of the Silver Wolf. A feared stealth ship responsible for more than 200 ship losses during the war.
  • The Rosenrot, a recently renamed (and maybe with a new pilot) stealth ship known previously as the Silver Wolf. One of the three most wanted stealth ships during the war. However, the looks of the “Rose Red” are one of a ship that has seen better days. This reporter cannot be sure that Red isn’t streaming air.

All that is known of this meeting is that the possible new crew of the Rose Red are skilled in combat, xeno-archeology and the underworld. What could this fairytale be about that would involve the such a colorful crew? Stay tuned to find out. Here at Fringe News Network tm*.

*Fringe News Network is a subsidiary of Interstellar News Network (INN), serving your fringe space news needs.

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