Mishar (race)


Temporary example of the two forms of a Mishar.

Name: Mishar
Cost: 61 pts
Description: Mishar are a shapechanging race. In their two legged form they are normal human size, in their cat/hunting form they are over 1,500 lbs of death.

Mishar Characters in Game:
Illiana Silentpaws


  • Invisibility (PSI) – 40pts (10% switchable, -40% target only, -10% psi = -40%) = 24pts
  • Terror (Psi) – 30pts (Howl, -10% psi) = 27pts
  • Regeneration 1/hr (Psi) – 25pts (-10% psi, +50% heal warp) = +40% = 35pts.
  • Alternate Form (15pts)
  • Discriminatory Smell (15pts)

Advantages Cost: 116 pts.


  • Gluttony -5pt
  • Increased Consumption -10pts (recommend get this per each level above regeneration 1/12 hours).
  • Blood Lust -10
  • Gregarious – 10
  • Laziness -10
  • Impulsiveness – 10

Disadvantage cost 55 pts
Total Cost: 61pts


The Mishar are a majestic race that embodies two forms. They can take the form of a solid muscled human, or of a massive green striped tiger with horns curving back over their ears. They are known for their tracking and hunting abilities.

Their origins are in the warp, but the old Altharin race also takes credit for the Mishar. According to the Altharins the race was created by their own biogenetic engineering. Other races of similar age historically state that the Mishar were an existing race the Altharins took ‘guardianship’ of, and in the course of which, tinkered with genetically.

The Mishar themselves don’t have any historical records. They pass things in a storytelling tradition, and most of that concerns day to day stories. They do acknowledge they are kin to the warp, and came from there. Those enslaved by Altharins may believe they were created by the Altharins, but independent colonies elsewhere don’t put any stock in that.

Mishar tend to look human when in their human form, perhaps a bit more robust and muscular. They are fast regenerators, and rarely have scars. This means they can’t have tattoos or piercings as they heal the modifications out.

Clothing tends to be pragmatic, and plain in appearance. Sudden shape changing makes ornate or expensive clothing impractical. There are some magic or technological items that are designed to shape shift with the Mishar, but they are rare and very expensive.

In their cat form, they are 1200 to 1500 pounds. They are vaguely tiger striped, but in green tones. Their huge size is augmented by a set of horns that curl around back over their ears, and non-retractible claws reminiscent of earth tiger claws.

While in the feline form, they are able to stalk their prey enacting a psionically based invisibility that only effects the prey creature. This psionic invisibility only effects the visible spectrum. They also have a roar that instills terror in everyone that hears it, to help flush prey out in the open.

Their lifespan, for Altharin held Mishar is 10-12 years maximum. Wild populations have a more human lifespan. Mishar with the artificially decreased lifespan can get it fixed if they find someone versed in genetic manipulation.

They can be found in ones or twos working on ships that do a lot of deep warp travel. They are effective in the warp due to their physical abilities. They are sought after as crew in these circumstances.

They do not value education, as a race. They pass things on verbally, and because of this most Mishar start their life on the galactic stage at a disadvantage, being illiterate and with no historical knowledge. Because of this they tend to take non-skilled roles on the ships they crew. Doing heavy labor and defense.


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