Beastmen (race)

Picture coming soon

Picture coming soon

Name: Beastmen
Cost: 27 pts
Description: Anthropomorphic animals, mostly consisting of bull/goat, tall, strong, covered in fur and with horns.

Beastmen Characters in Game:
Will, Mechanic of the Rose Red Living Ship K-Boat 


  • Magery 0 (5pts)
  • Fur (1pt)
  • Claim to Hospitality (2pt)
  • Strength +2 (20 points)
  • Extra Attack (25pts)
  • Striker – Horn (5pts) (you can buy innate attack crushing or piercing with it)
  • Racial Memory 15pts

TOTAL: 73 Pts


  • Bloodlust/Beserk/Bully (10pts)
  • Compulsive Behavior (Carousing/Gambling/Spending/Vowing) (5pts)
  • Distinctive Feature (1pt)
  • Gregarious (10pts maybe)
  • Bad Temper (10pts)
  • Social Stigma (second class citizen) 10pts



Every Beastman dreams. It’s how they learn their history, and truly understand what they are. It doesn’t matter if the Beastman is born in the center of a human held empire, or on the rim orphaned and alone. They will dream, and know what they are.

In those dreams are warbands criss crossing the primal forests hunting and fighting. In these dreams, Beastmen learn to fight, hunt, and kill. They can learn magic, and knowledge of the warp. They can talk to their dead comrades, who wait for the dreaming beastman to join them.

This makes beastmen ferocious fighters, because they do not fear death. Death is only an entrance to the dreaming.

This dreaming gives the beastmen a uniform knowledge of their own language, and history. It gives them all a basic understanding of their culture. You can take the beastmen out of the warband, but you can never take the warband out of the beastman.

Beastmen tend to be anthropomorphic goats and cows for the most part. They walk upright on two hoofed feet, and are covered in fur. The most bestial members of this race have full goat or bull heads. They often sport large horns, and find larger horn sets more beautiful.

Occasionally there are beastmen born with a more humanoid look. They are still likely to have horns, though. Through the centuries of warring, and travel, they have come in contact and had children with more human looking races, and that comes out occasionally in a child. This is considered weak blooded though.

Beastmen are a fractious and argumentative race. They tend to build warbands around charismatic leaders. These leaders had better be good, and profitable, or there will be unending challenges to their control.

Warbands tend to have about thirty individuals at the most, without other mitigating circumstances. Beastmen are too argumentative to function in larger groups.

They are wildly unpredictable and dangerous to hire. Warbands have been known to leave allies on the battle field if the enemy forces bargain well enough. Then they will either leave, cheer on their new allies, or join in and crush their original contractors.

Beastmen can work functionally with mixed race military groups, but care has to be taken not to put too many of them in the same unit, and their commanding officer had better have enough of a force of will to command them.

The name beastman is misleading because they do have women in their race. Women stand toe to toe with the men in all things. They fight, argue, and lead just as well. For a beastman, results, not gender, matter.

Instinctually, beastmen are very protective of their children. Even the most battle hardened warrior will put down his axe, and care for an infant of his race. They instinctively know their own children. There are worlds that have been fighting with these warbands, and intermingling with them for so long, occasionally a human child is born with horns. These children are often left in the woods to die, or be found by the local beastmen. They take these foundlings to heart as if they were their own.

Besides warbands, there are nursery bands. These are where beastmen raise their offspring. This is the only place that fighting is strictly prohibited, and beastmen tend to cooperate rather than argue.

Nursery bands tend to be filled with both male and female beastmen who have chosen to stay and raise children. They take fosterlings from beastmen that travel in the traditional warbands as well. The warriors that stay with nursery bands tend to be the biggest and best, and often feel there is a sacred call to protect the band.

Beastmen are often named descriptively. At birth these names are often cute and silly. By the time they reach adolescents, it’s common for beastmen to go out of their way to commit feats of bravery to get impressive sounding names at the ritualistic naming that will mark their adulthood. They consider it far better to be named HeartRipper, BloodyClaw, LongFang, or TwoHorn DeathSpell than to be called FuzzyCub, LongFang’s Whelp, or Giggles.

Beastmen generally have the same lifespan as most humans. Their violent life can cut that short. They also tend to run more fearlessly into the warp, and that can cause an extended lifespans on occasion.

Warbands support the beastmen culture, as beastmen do not manufacture their own goods. What they have, they have taken in raids from other races. Warbands routinely outfit nursery bands. Nursery bands survive on the generosity of the warbands.

Warbands will also protect nursery bands to the death. This instinctual protection they feel towards their offspring is deep enough, that warbands from any given area will drop everything to defend a nursery band that is under attack.

Beastmen tend to travel the warp more than most races, and some individuals, and warbands, pledge allegiances to the entities of the warp in exchange for abilities and power. This is not stigmatizing to beastmen culture. They treat it like a human would treat a favorite sports team. They often receive protections while in the warp from their favorite warp god.

Beastmen commonly adorn themselves with runes, markings of allegiance to the warp gods, or general tattooing or scarification. They like body piercings, ornate horn caps, and tattoos.

Most beastmen tend towards raw strength and physical might. However, some are called by the warp to practice magic. These shamans gain their abilities from one or more warp gods. To juggle more than one is asking for disaster, or a sign of even greater ability.

Beastmen shamans tend to live slightly apart from their brethren. They spend more time communing with the warp, and are capable to summoning warp demons. They are highly sought after for warbands because beastman magic tends to focus on destruction of their foes on a cataclysmic scale.

Shamans also lead the beastmen through the warp. They do not travel via ship for the most part. They just walk. The shaman’s job is the guide the band through the warp. In practice it appears to the traveling band as if they are just walking from one place to another. In reality, the shamans are performing highly complex calculations, and fading the band through an imperceptible gate, from one world to the next, through the warp.

Beastmen do work for non beastmen on occasion. They can be found sprinkled throughout the universe. They work as militia, hard labor, and provide violence for hire. They are not of low intelligence, and can branch out if they chose, but for the most part they prefer raiding as a way of life.



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